Everything is Life, everything is Love



Everything is life, everything is love

From The SOURCE springs all Life and someday all Life will return to it.
The SOURCE is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, therefore all that comes from her is also UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
If we can see that or not, is ultimately irrelevant.

But – if we come to they realization – it will bring us PEACE and BLISS.
PEACE comes because any notion of an enemy is released.
BLISS comes, because it is our innermost nature.

Our own innermost Chamber of the Heart is this DIVINE LOVE.

Where is the key to our innermost Heart?
It is in our free will to see everything, the World, the Spiritual World – as being one with us.

It seems a seemingly impossible task, to see the ONENESS in this world.
And alone it seems even more impossible.

Still … any of US is connected to All Of IT, therefore we will never be alone.
EVERYBODY is helping EVERYBODY. We just need to really want this, otherwise we can not be helped.

In my innermost HeartCamber i am ONE with the SOURCE.
And only there i find what i am searching for.