The Vision



The Vision

Jesus is representing the path to One-ness

The Vision is the undivided Knowing of the Connectedness of Everything.

The veil, the fog which develops because of our belief in seperation is reflecting the face and does not allow us to get thru to our essential reality. Therefore it is so difficult for us to realize the truth of the everlasting law of Love.

Only when we get up and dare to walk the initially laborious path to the clear heights, then we realize what we have always known anyway.

Thru conscious connection with our great helper and way shower Jesus we can walk the path easily and without danger.

The more trust we have, the more help we will get.

Some of this help we will only realize in retrospect, because at first sight that may be painful. Especially when the Ego is reacting and trying to entrap us in the morass of suffering.

May this painting help you to remember that you carry this Vision in yourself.