The Path of Realization



The Path of Realization

As human beings we come into the world with a kind of hood pulled over. our head. Thus starts our path that leads us astray.

With only a vague remembrance that there is something more to life, we blindly move around in circles, seemingly always walking into the same traps.
Painfully slow we are releasing each of our Chakras from the illusion of separation.

Still … slowly the veils begin to lift and – to our joy – we realize that we are not lost and alone.

We see that we are protected, guided and somehow longingly expected .

We have overcome the Game of Duality!

Now starts a compassionate remembering of all our many fears that have lead us astray again and again to entrap us more and more in illusions.

We are filled with deep Compassion for all the others who are still on the way.

The Compassion turns into Unconditional Love.
Love is the Light, that lights the way.