Evolution of Feelings



Evolution of Feelings

We – as Humanity – are in a process to clear our Emotional Body (our inner world of Feelings & Emotions), in order to take another step in the Evolution.
Therefore – and is only for the people who also want to do that – we go thru a process of Clearing.
Every feeling/emotion will be lifted into the realm of Unconditional Love.

How does this happen?

Very simple … and like everything that is simple it is often accompanied by great effort and resistance.

Only the Love from the Heart can see it as simple.

She can
She can let go
she can for-give

Love means to include
Love does not know putting up borders and casting out
Love does not know fear

Love transmutes every “Drop of Emotion” … into … Love

And the next step is … ???

Very simply … be loving

Loving All & Everything and most of all … YourSelf