Heavenly Angel is kissing MoonWoman



Heavenly Angel is kissing MoonWoman

In our thinking, Heaven and Earth are separated.
The Heaven – the Light – the desirable.
The Earth – the Dark – the dangerous.

The Cross is a symbol for that.
The vertical beam symbolizes the Heaven and the horizontal beam the Earth.

Man himself is a representative of those two directions.
The vertical body is aspiring upwards with the help of the thinking.
And the horizontal arms are doing the daily work of Earth.

Always we seek the Light and the Darkness always gets us again.
In this way we are nailing us onto our own cross.
A nerve wretching situation – where is the salvation??

The salvation lays in the Middle, there where the beams meet.
Here is the Heart, the meeting place of Light and Dark.

If we allow it, the Heaven will kiss the Earth here in our Heart’s chamber.
This means, when we are ready to stop the separating.
When we allow that seemingly incompatible can become a Whole.

The one side does not exclude the other, but complements it.

This is the End of our Struggles!

This is the Key to the Peace inside of us and around us.