The worlds that surround us



The Worlds that surrounds us

Our material world is integrated into a “real“ system that gives us impulses and influences us.
The symbol of the “fish bladder” is known to us since ancient time.
It describes the overlap and cross-fertilization of different dimensions and worlds.

(It originates from the overlapping of two equally sized circles through their centre)

By the four elements – to the left water, to the right fire, on top the eagle symbolises air and, finally, below the earth – our world appears.

Woman and man are the expression of the duality. They look in different directions and believe that they are separated.

But they are a Unity.

Everything belongs together, lives and cross-fertilises one other.
Everything is born from a cause and has an effect, which in turn again becomes a cause.

“From nothing comes nothing!”

Everything what happenes comes from that law.
There is no disharmony or un-just-ness. This is often hard to believe, because the cause is mostly not understandable for the mind.

While we learn to see the bigger picture, we learn to trust.

We learn our greatest lesson – that Separation is an Illusion!