Mother Earth and “The Flower of Life”



Mother Earth and “the Flower of Life”

“The Flower of Life” (the golden pattern that is visible above the Earth) is Symbol and explanation for the life here on Earth.
We can find this symbol already in Egyptian Temples.
In this Sacred Geometry every other existing geometrical form is included.

Mother Earth which is creating out of the Fibonacci Spiral – that can be found everywhere in Nature – is securing her Manifestation, the Earth.
Her Face is half in the shadows, just like the Lotusflower.
This is the visible sign of the Duality.

Despite our seeming inconsistency here on Earth, everything is in Harmony. The Life wishes to make those experiences that we were choosing as Souls.

We agreed to heal the blindness – that is a effect of the Duality.

Only when we are raising above our narrow points of view and can see the larger whole, then we can accept and understand more easily that everything is in Perfect Harmony and in the Divine Flow.

We create our personal world by our Believe Systems.
If we believe in lack, in the fight for survival and in separation, then this is going to manifest …

Do you want that?

Connect yourself again and again with the Wholeness, wight he feeling that you are held and nurtured.
Then the Harmony will come into your Everyday Life.