The Birth of Christ Consciousness



The Birth of Christ Consciousness

Gaia, our Mother – from her, the Earth do we have out body.
The final meaning, our goal here on earth, is the unification, the melting of Spirit and Body.
This can only happen by way of total Surrender, thru Love.
The Masculine and the Feminine realize themselves as Parts of the One, the Whole and so they become One again.
In this unconditional surrender The Christ is being born.
Thru us and with us the Christ Consciousness will be manifested in Gaia.

What does this mean in our daily life?
Understand the polarities which we separate from each other.
for example: which traits we condemn, which traits do we glorify?

When we first accept the polar opposite (that which we condemn), then understand and develop compassion for, then we will finally reach the state of unconditional love.
A long way it seems, but we are walking it together.
Each of us is faced with that kind of surrender, that “letting go”.
We let go of our old fixed point of view.

The painting shows this process in a symbolic manner.

The Brain of Gaia – with its masculine and feminine Side – becomes ONE and comes into The Heart, which is now opening wide.

Christ is being born – inside of us – and into this world.