The powers and energies of the Feminine in us


The powers and energies of the feminine in us 

Whether we are a woman or a man in this life – we all have a more or less large “female side” as a counterpoint, compensation or complement to the “male side”

Each of these two sides has specific tasks and, therefore, specific powers and energies that, through their diversity, cause personality growth.

The horse as a symbol of the female qualities

strong – sensitive – peaceful – accepting – persistent – balancing – ready to escape and ready to sacrifice

Do I know my feminine side?
Which of these qualities can I already live?
Which are completely alien to me?
Maybe I discover other qualities of the feminine in me.

The picture should stimulate this exploration.
The known can then be lived more clearly and powerfully.
Maybe it will take some knowledge or “cleansing” or just the courage to make this feminine visible – to bring it out of concealment.

The male side in us has been very naturally promoted and developed in patriarchy.
Now is the time to live the equality of feminine and masculine – for this the feminine must be recognized, respected and promoted in order to reach this equality.

How does that look in my personality and psyche?
Just looking closely at my habits – my language – my prejudices – my preferences – bringing it to the light.
All this can reveal how my own relationship of male and female looks like.

Only the appreciation of all my aspects and their different energies brings me to my full strength and zest for life.