The Christ child rides the Fire Dragon

6_JesusFeuerdracheThe Christ child rides the Fire Dragon

In our world of Duality, the opposites are often insurmountable. They are challenging us and triggering us. Mostly we tend to flirt with one side and despise or fight the other side.
Reconciliation seems impossible to us.

But nevertheless! This is the only way to attain Peace and Happiness.
It is the only option to escape the endless fight.

The Christ-Child – a symbol for the innocent, unprejudiced, unconditional Love – offers his heart to the Fire-Dragon.

The Dragon has been discredited by the Patriarchy. In many old cultures Dragons and Snakes have been highly regarded as symbols for the energies of the Earth. Also the “prototype of the Feminine” has been associated with it.

Feel into the picture, without thinking.
Which kind of feelings is surfacing?

Allow them!
Can you accept these feelings, can you love them?
Which are the feelings and emotions that you fight inside your self?

The Christ-Child,  the Unconditional Love is also in you!